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Ketubah - CTO - Miniature Sheet CTO

Miniature Sheet CTO
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Miniature Sheet CTO
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Technical details
  • 16.07.2019
  • Rinat Gilboa
  • Cartor Security Printing, France
  • Offset
  • H40 / W30
  • NIS 21.20
About Ketubah - CTO

The Ketubah is a legal document that confirms the marriage agreement and details the husband’s obligations to his wife. Two witnesses, who must be present at the marriage ceremony, are required to sign the Ketubah, attesting to its contents and ensuring that the groom gives it to the bride during the ceremony. Jewish law attributes great significance to this document which protects the wife’s rights, and determines that she must take good care of the Ketubah. In fact, the husband is required to have a new document prepared in case of loss or damage to the original.

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