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MAM Soother - Set

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  • 15.07.2019
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About MAM Soother

Ergonomic design and sustainable product innovation

Right from the start, design was an important element for the MAM baby products company founded by Peter Röhrig in Vienna in 1976, which, having now sold more than 70 million baby products, is today one of the leading market participants in this sector.

Design is not just about novelty and external appearance. As a fundamental component of any product, it is about creating new product values and how things are used, produced and communicated to the community. Collaborating closely with experts from the fields of medicine and research, MAM creates products which are as unique in terms of their function and design as the little people for whom they are intended. The primary objective is to support the individual development of each child in the best way possible.

Commitment to the very youngest

A highly influential designer in the early days was Ernst W. Beranek, who was born in 1934. He was one of the first to graduate from the newly founded Industrial Design course at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna at the end of the 1950s, and himself began teaching there in 1963, subsequently also becoming a professor for product design.

Beranek not only influenced generations of design students, but also the product and innovation processes in the design of pacifiers.

In addition to the proper dimensions and orthodontic form – the correct proportions paired with the right emotion – other important factors which contribute to the success of MAM's baby productsinclude an intuitive focus on the baby’s well-being and advantageous development, an ideology which still characterises the company today.

Production of the START pacifier, a later generation of the final product design by Ernst W. Beranek, was launched in 2006, and since then more than 10 million of these pacifiers have been
produced. Today, as the market leader in the pacifier sector in many countries, MAM employs around 1,000 staff around the world and sells its products in 58 countries across all continents.

(Prof. Severin Filek)