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Stamp Number 2000 / Nordia 2019 Stamp Exhibition - Miniature Sheet

Miniature Sheet
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  • 23.08.2019
About Stamp Number 2000 / Nordia 2019 Stamp Exhibition

2,000 stamps!

Norway issued its first stamp on 1 January 1855. The following year a stamp featured a person for the first time: King Oscar I. The Posthorn series is the world's longest running series of stamps, and 5.3 billion posthorn stamps have been issued in Norway since its start!

We have had round stamps and heart-shaped stamps, scented stamps, and stamps with Braille, meteorite dust and hidden messages. The stamps for the Lillehammer Olympics gave us the greatest stamp celebration of all times and were in demand all over the world. Norwegian stamps have received many awards, and the stamps for the Nobel Peace Prize centenary in 2001 were named the year's most beautiful stamps.

Stamp no. 2,000 is celebrated with its own miniature sheet issued on the opening day of the Nordia 2019 stamp show, which is held in the city of Sarpsborg 23-25 August.