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The Traditional Costume of Flachgau - Set

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  • 25.10.2019
About The Traditional Costume of Flachgau

The focus of the “Classic traditional costumes” series on this occasion is the dirndl from Salzburg’s Flachgau region. This traditional costume for everyday wear impresses with its fresh colours and its typical cut.

The traditional everyday dirndl

The traditional costume of Flachgau is a new version of the costume, with considerable freedom in the design to encourage variety and to enable the traditional costume to be incorporated into everyday wear as easily as possible. Characteristic features are the square neckline at the front of the bodice and the narrow central flap fastened with buttons. The costume is made from linen, cotton or mixed-fibre fabrics, either in a single colour or with a floral or checked pattern, with the colour of the skirt coordinating with the bodice. Depending on the pattern of the fabric, either the flap or the edging on the hem is often decorated with monochrome piping. Alternatively, taking inspiration from the costume for special occasions, the bodice with the central flap is replaced with a linen laced corset with a wide front aperture, a seam dividing the back section and incorporated straps. The lacing eyelets of the corset are often elaborately designed in alloys of gold orsilver. For special occasions there is also the “Festtracht” made of silk or brocade, thebodice of which is embroidered with floral motifs and decorated with velvet.

The traditional costume of Flachgau shown on the special stamp comprises a red linen bodice with a herringbone weave and a coordinating printed skirt with an edging in the same colour as the bodice. It is worn with a light-green cotton apron decorated with a scattered flower motif and fastened with a wide bow. The plain white blouse with short sleeves and the red piping on the square neckline and sleeves complete the dirndl.

As varied as the region

Flachgau is the most northerly region of the province and surrounds the capital city Salzburg. With its lakes, basins and mountains, it offers considerable variety, and the regional variants of the traditional dress are just as varied as the landscape. One of the best-known versions of the dirndl from the Flachgau region is the Henndorf dirndl. It isoften made from blue checked material (“bedding” material) and the central flap isfastened with buttons. The apron is not tied in a bow, as is usual, but is instead attached to the dirndl with buttons.