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Christmas Seals 2019 - Full sheets

Full sheets
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  • 04.11.2019
About Christmas Seals 2019

The story behind the Christmas Seals 2019:

The Faroe Islands have a very short history of art. Before 1850, hardly anybody drew or painted in the Faroe Islands. Medieval art does not exist in Faroese context and I thought it fun to play with the idea how this period in history might be depicted. Since it was Christmas Seals, the drawings had to depict Christmas in some way.

The chosen style is from the 13th century. The inspiration came from old books written by the monks. I have allowed myself to add some modern Faroese elements for example the Faroese National costume, the Faroese boat, Faroese food etc. since these things are characteristics of the Faroe Islands. The frame around the seals is an embroidery pattern from the Faroese male National costume (the vest) where the original flower is replaced with a poinsettia.

Heiðrik á Heygum (1983)Designer of the Christmas Seals 2019Educated at Listaháskolin Íslands (Iceland University of the Arts)
All sale profits go to The Christmas Seal Foundation, which supports children and youth activities in the Faroe Islands.