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Weizmann Institute of Science 70th Anniversary - Set

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  • 26.11.2019
  • Ronen Goldberg
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  • Joh. Enschede, The Netherlands
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About Weizmann Institute of Science 70th Anniversary

The Weizmann Institute of Science has been guiding the spirit and substance of the State of Israel for 70 years. Dr. Chaim Weizmann, the first president of Israel and founder of the Weizmann Institute of Science is quoted in the campus square: “I trust and feel sure in my heart that science will bring to this land both peace and a renewal of its youth, creating here the springs of a new spiritual and material life. [...] I speak of both science for its own sake, and science as a means to an end.” And in fact, 70 years after its founding ceremony, attended by the leaders of the young nation on November 2, 1949, the Weizmann Institute of Science is today ranked third in the world for research quality (Nature Index 2019ranking) and is among the world’s 25 most influential institutions for technological and medical application. This is an especially significant achievement, as the Institute’s scientists focus on basic research, motivated solely by curiosity that has a single goal: to expand the boundaries of human knowledge and better understand the world and our place in it.

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