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Slovenes Around the World - Slovenes in Australia - Set

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Technical details
  • 08.11.2019
  • Zlatko Drčar
  • Zagreb, Hrvaška • Croatia • Kroatien
  • Offset
  • 4 Colours
  • 42,60 x 29,82 mm
  • €0.58
About Slovenes Around the World - Slovenes in Australia

The animals on the stamps – the koala for Australia and the chamois for Slovenia – not only indicate two characteristics of the natural environment of thesetwo countries, but also concern for their conservation.Australia is the youngest country in the SlovenesAround the World series, with Slovenes only starting to emigrate there in large numbers after 1950. In theirnew homeland they began to set up Slovene societiesand build clubhouses. Together with the land theystood on, these clubhouses became important centresfor social activities, cultural programmes, sportsactivities and events of various kinds. Slovene religious centres can also be found in Australia. The MelbourneSlovenian Society was founded in Melbourne in 1954and opened its own premises, called the SlovenskiDom or “Slovenian Home”, in the suburb of Eltham in 1978. In 1971 a group of Slovenes originating for the most part from the coastal Primorska region founded the Jadran Club. A year later the Planica Slovenian Association was founded in south-west Melbourne. The Ivan Cankar Society was founded in nearby Geelong in 1955.

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