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Festival of the TP 404 Sedan - Miniature Sheet

Miniature Sheet
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Technical details
  • 26.09.2020
  • Sophie Beaujard
  • Sophie Beaujard
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  • Offset
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  • 105X71,5
  • €1.94
About Festival of the TP 404 Sedan

"In 2020, the Stamp Festival continues with vintage cars and holidays. This series started in 2018 with cars and rallies, then in 2019 with stylish cars.

This year, the Peugeot firm is our partner with 2 legendary models: the 204 convertible (stamp printed in intaglio) and the 404 sedan (block printed in offset with aspirations - embossing or metal effect on areas).

Illustrator: Gérard Crevon Deblainville and layout: Sophie Beaujard. "