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Golden Stamp - Peace & Freedom 1945-2020 - Collectibles

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Technical details
  • 05.05.2020
  • Photographer: J. van Rhijn. Nationaal Archief/Spaarnestad Photo, The Hague.
  • 30 x 40mm
About Golden Stamp - Peace & Freedom 1945-2020

The third stamp is dedicated to the liberation of the Netherlands on 5 May 1945. On that day, the capitulation of Germany took effect, putting an end to five years of war and the occupation of the Netherlands.

In 1945, the liberation of the Netherlands was celebrated on 31 August, the birthday of Queen Wilhelmina. Later, the government decided to move the national celebration to 5 May from 1946 onwards, so that the national holiday would not coincide with Koninginnedag (‘Queen’s Day’). 5 May was selected because that the date on which the capitulation of the Germans took effect in 1945. The capitulation brought an end to five years of war and occupation of the Dutch territory (excluding the Dutch East Indies) since the invasion of the German army on 10 May 1940. Over the years, the meaning behind the 5 May celebration has shifted from the actual historical liberation to the general importance of freedom. Each year, a modest morning programme marks the transition from commemoration to celebration. The 5 May lecture has been an important part of the commemoration since 1995. Since 1996, a different province has been involved each year in the implementation of the national programme and the annual theme.