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Mudejar Architecture of Aragon - Collectibles

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  • 14.05.2020
  • 21 x 29,70 cm (Closed) - 85 x 29,70 cm (Unfolded)
About Mudejar Architecture of Aragon

The exceptional value of the Mudéjar Architecture of Aragon led Unesco to declare the Mudejar complex of Teruel in 1986 a World Heritage Site, a qualification that it extended in 2001 to other Mudejar monuments in Zaragoza and its province.

For this reason, this year the Joint Product called World Heritage issued by the Post Office is dedicated to the buildings and architecture of this city, a city where Christian, Muslim and Jewish cultures coexisted peacefully and the fruit of coexistence emerged its imposing architecture in which highlights the Tower of the Church of San Martín. In these buildings various materials such as brick, plaster or ceramics were used, considered very valuable economically, together with other elements, an ornamentation emerged that the Aragonese people are proud of today

This new World Heritage collection folder, in the shape of a quadriptych, has a size of 21 x 29.70 cm (closed) and is mainly illustrated with some of the facades of Mudejar architecture buildings and mainly with the Tower of the Church of San Martin.

It contains two philatelic elements protected in phyllo cases and also a numismatic one protected in a blister.

- A Block Sheet with a 32 mm diameter circular seal. Special fold-out format, folded sheet size 104.50 x 150 mm. Included in the annual Spain stamp program.

- A proof of intaglio artist of the same issue, size 104.50 x 150 mm. With reproduction of the SILVER SEAL.

- A commemorative legal tender coin of € 2, circulated, diameter 25.75 mm. Coined by the National Mint and Stamp Factory - Royal Mint.