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Ancient Grimaldi Strongholds - Terlizzi - Mint - Set

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  • 05.09.2020
  • Offset
  • 30 x 40,85 mm vertical
  • €1,40
About Ancient Grimaldi Strongholds - Terlizzi - Mint

The Italian city of Terlizzi, located in Puglia, is part of the association of Grimaldi Historic Sites of Monaco. Italy has 17 municipalities with a shared history with the Grimaldi Family. The link dates back to 1533, when the country was ruled by Prince Honoré I of Monaco. An intense human and political affair which ended dramatically with the assassination of the Monegasque prince in the streets of Terlizzi. The carved coat of arms of the Principality is still present on the facade of the Cathedral of San Michele Arcangelo.

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