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Carl Nesjar Centenary - Set

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  • 13.08.2020
  • Madeleine M. Karlstrøm
  • Tinius Greve
  • Joh. Enschedé Security Print
  • Offset
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  • NOK 27
About Carl Nesjar Centenary

Carl Nesjar is known for being a painter, sculptor, and photographer as well as a forerunner in abstract art. Nesjar was born in Larvik in 1920. He studied at Pratt Institute in New York, which gave him international contacts that would later influence him as an artist. Art embedded in a setting was Nesjar's primary interest. On 1957 he met Pablo Picasso, who had become interested in sandblasting natural concrete and delivered drawings for murals on government buildings. Nesjar turned Picasso's drawings into large-scale art. The two of them worked together on many sculptures.