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Sports 2020 - Set

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Technical details
  • 19.08.2020
  • Sander van Beusekom – Blend Creative Imaging
  • Johan Enschede Security Print, Haarlem, The Netherlands
  • Offset
  • CMYK – Spot UV lacker
  • 30×40 mm
  • Cat. 1, 2, 331c, 335c, 474c, 739c S
About Sports 2020

Sports Stamp is one of the most collected philatelic topic worldwide.

This series consists of 6 of the most popular and modern sports on Curaçao and worldwide.

They are; Baseball, Basketball, Tennis, Soccer, Mountbiking and Sailing.

For this series the artist Sander van Beusekom, a.k.a. BLEND, designed a colorful, vibrant, raw, funky, stylish, full of action and emotion illustrations of our athletes in their environment!