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#Tous Engages - Stamp Booklet

Stamp Booklet
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Technical details
  • 16.09.2020
  • Hyman Miles
  • Heliogravure
About #Tous Engages

La Poste issues a booklet of #all committed stamps thanking and honoring everyday heroes during the health crisis.

The outbreak of the epidemic crisis and the entry of our country into a state of health emergency on March 24, 2020 created an unprecedented, unforeseen, immediate situation in a suddenly immobile France. In an emergency, we had to adapt and make choices. Women and men have mobilized in the service of all, to protect the French from Covid-19, to support the nation and to make confinement possible and bearable, sometimes at the risk of their lives.

La Poste, with the signature “# tous engaged” by artist Ben VAUTIER, pays tribute to these everyday heroes through a booklet of 12 postage stamps illustrating this period that we all recently experienced.