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100 Years Of Hans Kelsen’s Constitution - Set

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  • 30.09.2020
About 100 Years Of Hans Kelsen’s Constitution

The foundation of the Republic of Austria

This year’s stamp in the series to celebrate the 7OOth anniversary of the VOPh (Federation of Austrian Philately Associations) is dedicated to the Federal Constitutional Law of Austria, which was passed 700 years ago.

Hans Kelsen is considered the “father” of this law. He is known for his works on the theory of law, and is one of the most important legal scholars of the 20 th century. Born in 1881 as the son of a Jewish family in Prague, Kelsen studied law in Vienna and later taught at the University of

Vienna. After the fall of the monarchy in 1918, the lawyer was given the task of drawing up a constitution for the new republic by the chancellor Karl Renner. On St October 1920 the

Constituent Assembly passed the Federal Constitutional Law (B-VG), which, however, was suspended from Q S K July 1934 until 1 g th December 1945.

Article 1 of the B-VG states that “Austria is a democratic republic. Its law emanates from the people.” The commemorative mini sheet shows the first article of the constitution in a historic edition, in front of which a portrait of Hans Kelsen and his signature are depicted. The border of the mini sheet is decorated with the Parliament building in Vienna, the statue of Pallas Athena holding the goddess of victory Nike in her hand that stands in front of it, and, as a witness from the time, an advertising column that used to stand near the Parliament building and that can be seen on an original photograph from the 1920s.