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2020 Sport and Ball - Basketball - Set

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  • 02.10.2020
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About Sport and Ball - Basketball

A basket instead of a goal.

In the “Sports”series, the focus this time is on ball sports. The ball is one of the most versatile pieces of sporting equipment and can be used for a broad range of activities by people of all ages and levels of ath/eticism.

The history of basketball can be traced back to the Canadian PE teacher and doctor James Naismith, who, in 1891, at a high school in Massachusetts, came up with a sport that the students could play indoors in the winter. In order to keep the risk of injuries as low as possible, instead of goals, he used baskets placed at a height of ten feet, i.e. around 3.05 metres — and that is still the internationally accepted standard height for a basketball net to this day. The athletic sport quickly spread via American universities and colleges. It was played at the Olympics for the first time in 1936, and there have been World Championships since 1950. Basketball is particularly popular in the USA, where the NBA professional league is one of the biggest sporting leagues in the world. However, the fast-paced sport is very popular as a leisure activity throughout the world; in city parks or leisure facilities the “cages” with baskets generally get plenty of use.

With a circumference of up to 78 centimetres, the characteristic orange ball with the black “ribs” is one of the largest to be used in modern ball sports. Baskets score one, two or three points depending upon the situation, which is why the results often run into three figures.