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Sport and Ball - Handball - Set

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  • 02.10.2020
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About Sport and Ball - Handball

Spectacular and fast

In the “Sports”series, the focus this time is on ball sports. The ball is one of the most versatile pieces of sporting equipment and can be used for a broad range of activities by people of all ages and levels of ath/eticism.

Originally called torball or goalball, handball was invented for women as an alternative to football by the German gymnastics supervisor Max Heiser in 1915. However, handball has evolved a long way from the original sport with no physical contact or combative elements. Originally played outdoors, the sport gradually moved indoors and is no longer weather dependent. There are seven players per team on the field. The ball is relatively small as it must be possible to hold it in one hand.

Handball is particularly popular in Europe: the fast speed, many goals and spectacular throws at speeds of over 100 km/h make the sport particularly appealing to spectators. Among their other successes, the Austrian men’s team won silver medals in field handball at the Olympics in 1936

and in indoor handball at the World Championships in 1938. A more recent success is the th

place at the men’s European Championships in 2020, which were held in Austria, Norway and Sweden. The women have been even more successful: two-times silver medallists in field handball at the World Championships J9k9 and 1960) and bronze medallists at the World Championships in 1999 and the European Championships in 1996. In 2000 the women earned

themselves the Sth place at the Olympic Games in Sydney.