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Heritage Lot 2020 - Collectibles

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  • 28.09.2020
  • Boulgault Sarah
  • Taille Douce
About Heritage Lot 2020

The postage stamp is a fabulous tool for general culture, for learning about disciplines as varied as history, geography, science or the arts.

The Heritage of France in stamps series revisits ten postage stamps of our heritage from the perspective of the theme, in 2020:

The Arts and Letters: stamp YT 1112 George Sand

Aviation: YT PA30 Mystery IV stamp

The French Red Cross: stamp YT 966 mrs Vigée-Lebrun and her daughter

France of our regions: stamp YT 774 St-Front - Périgueux

Postal history: stamp YT 1018 Stamp day - The balloon post 1870

The characters of the History of France: stamp YT 928 Viaduc de Garabit

The architectural heritage of France: stamp YT 1295 Du Guesclin

Sciences and techniques: stamp YT 589 Ambroise Paré

Sports and recreation stamp: YT 396 FIFA World Cup

Transport: YT stamp 1080 Port of Strasbourg

All the ten-leaf pockets are accompanied by a gift leaf with an emblematic commonly used stamp. For 2020, the Sage 25c 1st series type stamp has been reissued.

The set is presented in a cream-colored envelope with the logo in silver.