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December Stamps 2020 - Mint - Sheetlets

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Technical details
  • 17.11.2020
  • Loesje Donner-Raedts/Vondels, Amsterdam
  • -
  • Joh. Enschedé Security Print, Haarlem
  • Offset
  • Colourscyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black
  • 26.5 x 29mm
  • -
About December Stamps 2020 - Mint

Each year, PostNL issues new December stamps, which consumers and companies can use to send each other Christmas and New Year cards at a reduced rate. The special December price of €0.86 per stamp applies from 16 November 2020 until 6 January 2021. This year, a sheet of twenty December stamps costs €17.20. When purchasing two sheets of December stamps, each customer receives a free Christmas decoration especially designed for PostNL by Vondels. The December stamps 2020 were designed by Loesje Donner-Raedts, co-owner of Vondels in Amsterdam.

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