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Netherland 2 Funeral Stamps - First Day Cover

First Day Cover
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First Day Cover
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Technical details
  • 02.11.2020
  • Rutger Fuchs, Amsterdam
  • -
  • Walsall Security Printers, Wolverhampton, England
  • Offset
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  • 28 x 28mm
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About Netherland 2 Funeral Stamps

For PostNL, funeral post is a postal flow that is prioritized due to the importance of the content for both the sender and the recipient. Each year, we send millions of funeral cards in the Netherlands. This postal flow is treated with the utmost care in all parts of the postal chain. Separate procedures apply to funeral post in order to maintain high-quality service during collection, sorting and delivery. It is therefore essential that funeral directors and next of kin give the addressed funeral cards with the correct mourning stamp. The customer also needs to deliver all the cards in one or several special collection envelopes to one of PostNL's 2,000 retail locations.After closing time, the customer can choose an alternative solution in consultation with PostNL's Rouw customer service, such as direct delivery to a sorting center. At the weekend, there is a special collection service that collects PostNL funeral cards free of charge. If necessary, the addresses are checked for accuracy on arrival at the sorting center in order to avoid unnecessary delays. Thanks to the recognition of the mourning stamp, postal workers can quickly raise the alarm when a funeral card cannot be delivered. For years now, these measures have guaranteed exceptionally high-quality delivery of funeral post. This year, PostNL is conducting a pilot with the use of medical letterboxes at weekends to give funeral directors an additional option for delivering funeral cards.The issue of the new Nederland 2 mourning stamp, partly initiated at the request of the funeral industry, aligns with the careful approach that this postal flow deserves. PostNL can also help out in other ways, for example with PostNL's next-of-kin service, through which customers can have post addressed to a deceased person delivered to another address. PostNL is working with the company Closure to terminate contracts, subscriptions and accounts for the deceased.

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