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Typically Dutch – Wooden Houses - Mint - Sheetlets

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Technical details
  • 22.02.2021
  • Edwin van Praet, Total Design, Amsterdam
  • Photography: Erik Pronske and Hiroshi Higuchi (Getty Images), Shutterstock
  • Cartor Security Printing, Meaucé-La Loupe, France
  • Offset
  • 4 Colours
  • 40 x 30mm
About Typically Dutch – Wooden Houses - Mint

This year, the Typically Dutch series focuses on house types and façades that are typical for the Netherlands. Wooden houses will be the subject of the issue published on 22 February. The houses featured are located on Zonnewijzerpad in Zaanse Schans. This area in Zaandam was constructed in 1963 to make space for old wooden buildings and industrial mills elsewhere in the Zaan region. For example, the worker's house featured on the left-hand side of the stamp originates from Ezelspad in Zaandijk and the house on the right-hand side used to stand on Lagendijk in Koog aan de Zaan. Both houses date from around 1700 and have carved gableboard along the eaves to prevent wind and rain from getting under the roofing. The top of each façade tip has a makelaar, a white-painted ornament in the shape of a corkscrew. The typical green-coloured Zaan wood comes in many shades; there is no single Zaan green shade.

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