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Typically Dutch - Houseboats - Mint - Sheetlets

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Technical details
  • 06.04.2021
  • Edwin van Praet, Total Design, Amsterdam
  • Claudia Lungauer, MaestroBooks and Frans Lemmens (Getty Images), Shutterstock
  • Cartor Security Printing, Meaucé-La Loupe, France
  • Offset
  • Cyan, Magenta, Yellow And Black
  • 40 x 30mm
  • -
About Typically Dutch - Houseboats - Mint

On 6 April 2021, PostNL will publish the Typically Dutch - houseboats stamp sheet. This issue is the fourth in the Typically Dutch series this year. The six identical postage stamps will be marked 'Nederland 1', the denomination for items weighing up to 20g destined for the Netherlands. The Typically Dutch - houseboats issue was designed by graphic designer Edwin van Praet from Total Design in Amsterdam. The illustration designed by Van Praet is based on photographs of various houseboats in different areas of Amsterdam and Weesp. After these stamps featuring houseboats, PostNL will issue a final stamp sheet in the Typically Dutch series on 14 June featuring terraced houses. Earlier this year, PostNL published stamps featuring stolpboerderijen [‘stolp farmhouses’] (4 January) and wooden houses (22 February) and canal houses (22 March).

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