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2021 Glimmer of Fall - Miniature Sheet

Miniature Sheet
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  • 08.09.2021
  • Stiina Hovi.
  • Jukka Risikko
About Glimmer of Fall

The Glimmer of Fall stamps, which are a good fit for the season, feature beautiful rural and forest landscapes in the fall. The photographs taken by Jukka Risikko all show light in the early morning or late in the evening, which brings out the colors of nature beautifully. Jukka Risikko actively posts his nature photographs on social media, where they have drawn attention from around the world. “Right now, my photography is followed by over 190,000 people on Instagram and Facebook. My Instagram followers are a more international group, whereas most of my followers on Facebook are from Finland.” Risikko takes photos in Southern Ostrobothnia, mostly in the countryside and forests of his hometown Lapua. “I hope that, through my photos, people’s appreciation for the environment and the nature near their home could increase. Hopefully my photos will also be able to convey the calming effect of nature.” The Glimmer of Fall miniature sheet contains five different domestic non-value indicator stamp designs.