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2022 25th Anniversary of the Association - Set

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Technical details
  • 02.02.2022
  • Ô Les Enfants de Frankie
  • Offset
  • 30 x 40,8 mm vertical
  • €1.43
About 25th Anniversary of the Association

Established in 1997, the Monegasque charityLes Enfants de frankieworks to helpsick, disabled and vulnerable children in Monaco and throughout the Pro- vence-Alpes-Côted'Azur region. A recognised NGOthat was awardedconsultative status with the United NationsEconomic and SocialCouncil in 2008, it has provided support to more than 150,000 childrensince it was founded. The charity workswith hos- pitals, social services, children's homes andmedical and educational fac ties to help children flourish throughoutings, workshops, trips, etc. Once a year, it invitesthousands of children to the Noël de Frankie Christmas special for a stunning show featuring Frankie the clown and the distribution of presents.

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