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2022 Legendary Formula 1 Drivers - Jochen Rindt - Set

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  • 08.03.2022
  • Michel VERRANDO
  • Offset
  • 83 x 31 mm horizantal
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About Legendary Formula 1 Drivers - Jochen Rindt

Born in 1942 in Mainz (Germany), Jochen Rindt competed in his first Fl Grand Prix event in 1964. With an aggressive and spectacular dri­ving style, he was considered to be one of the best drivers of his era. In 1970, on the eve of the Italian Grand Prix, he had four consecu­ tive wins under his belt and was sitting 20 points ahead. A victory in Monza would have secured him the world championship title. However, during the practice sessions, Rindt lost control of his Lotus 72, probably due to a mechanical fault. He was seriously injured and was pronounced dead several hours later. The season continued, and Rindt's lead was such that he was posthumously world champion. A unique and tragic moment in history.

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