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2022 Wool Hat - Set

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  • 16.02.2022
About Wool Hat

They say there is no bad weather, just inadequate clothing. With a warm wool hat, nothing will keep you from going on a walk outside even on cold days. While our “mitten” miniature sheet published early in the winter was all about protecting thefingers, this miniature sheet focuses on protecting the head. An uncovered head loses a lot of body heat, which can quickly get quite uncomfortable and can lead to a cold. However, this is easy toprevent by protecting your head with a hat. Whether it’s a pom-pom beanie, a simple knit cap with or without a cuff or a unique hand-knitted hat, the important thing is that it will keep the head and ears warm. Our self-adhesive “wool hat” miniature sheet is something truly special. It is made from flockedpaper with a winter knit pattern and has been punched to create the typical form of a hat with a pom-pom.