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2022 Sarah Moon - Set

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Technical details
  • 30.05.2022
  • 52 x 40,85 mm
  • €2.86
About Sarah Moon

Photographer since 1970, director since 1978, Sarah Moon thwarts conventions and twists codes to construct a work of irreducible singularity. The field of his creation is constantly expanding, from still image to moving image, from fashion photography and advertising film to personal research, without ever giving up anything. With audacity and patience, perseverance and invention, Sarah Moon explores the underside of the obvious. From her beginnings in fashion and advertising, she worked to make a photograph "a fiction of a second". Each of her images is a story that she does not tell but that she suggests by containing it in the suspense of a gesture or the enigma of a look, a whole world that has not happened, that she was able to see and gives us a glimpse.

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