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2022 Souvigny Allier - Set

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Technical details
  • 16.05.2022
  • 40,85 x 40,85 mm
  • €1.43
About Souvigny Allier

The stamp is illustrated with a portrait of Anne of France, the church of Souvigny and the garden of the priory. The outline of the sheet takes up elements of the column of At the heart of one of the last bocages in France, Souvigny developed around one of the largest medieval Cluniac priories depending on the Abbey of Cluny. On this land without geographical, ethnic or political unity, the monastery of Souvigny ("eldest daughter of Cluny") was by its influence a unifying element of what would become the Bourbonnais. What a surprise when in 2001 a team of archaeologists identified the location of the tombs of the two holy abbots of Cluny, Mayeul and Odilon, buried in Souvigny around the year 1000 and who made the glory of the monastery.

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