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2022 Europa - Stories & Myths - Set

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  • 09.05.2022
  • 40,85 x 52 mm
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About Europa - Stories & Myths

Melusine is a legendary creature represented in the form of a mermaid, a reptile from the hips, or a dragon. Coming from chivalrous stories and medieval tales, she becomes a river nymph, living in a water hole, a fairy nestled at the bottom of a cave, even a wyvern in the hollow of a moor. She is called Merluisaine in Champagne, Mother Louise in Burgundy, Merlusse in the Vosges, and she still bears many names in various provinces of France. Beneficent, she watches over the home and the crops. Maleficent, she sows the plague. One of the oldest evocations of Melusine is found in the Tales for Court People dating from the 12th century.

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