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2022 Flowers and Sweets - Stamp Booklet

Stamp Booklet
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Technical details
  • 09.05.2022
  • 24 x 38 mm
About Flowers and Sweets

Dragees, sweets, lozenges or balls of gum are part of our culinary, taste and botanical heritage. These pretty flowers and plants have given rise to delicious traditional delicacies and confectionery.

This notebook is illustrated with chestnut and candied chestnut, poppy and poppy candy, violet and violet candy, liquorice and its roll of liquorice, cocoa tree and squares of chocolate, anise and anise of Flavigny, the coconut tree and the Coco ball, the gum acacia and the gumballs, the marshmallow and the marshmallow, the mint and the stupidity of Cambrai, the bergamot and the bergamot of Nancy and finally the almond tree and the dragee. All these specialties follow a precise process of making the flower, from the root to the candy with, for some of them, cooking in a cauldron for a result that will give you mouth water.