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2022 Cats - Set

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Technical details
  • 09.06.2022
  • StudioUp. © Royal Mail Group Ltd 2022
  • International Security Printers
  • Lithography, PVA
  • Stamp Size Landscape: 41mm x 30mm, Sheet Format 4x Sheets of 60, vertical se-tenant pairs
  • 2nd Class x2, 1st Class x2, £1.85 x2, £2.55 x2
About Cats

The Puuurfect stamp set. Cats are the most enigmatic of domestic pets. Today there are over 10.2 million cats in the UK with almost one in four UK house holds owning a cat. Whilst they are now almost entirely kept as pets there was a time that businesses, including The Royal Mail from 1868 -1984, formally employed catsto keep out mice. As one of our two favourite pets, Cats are enchanting, independent and fiercely discerning in who they choose to engage with.

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