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2022 Christian Louboutin Exhibition - Grimaldi Forum - Set

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Technical details
  • 01.07.2022
  • © Jean-Vincent SIMONET
  • Offset
  • 30 x 40,85 mm vertical
  • €1.65
About Christian Louboutin Exhibition - Grimaldi Forum

This summer’s big exhibition at the Grimaldi Forum Monaco will be devoted to the works and imagination of Christian Louboutin, creator of designer footwear and a leading figure in the fashion world, who has often drawn inspiration from the Principality. Christian Louboutin, The Exhibition[ist], redesigned by its curator Olivier Gabet, Director of the Museum of Decorative Arts, will offer visitors a whole new insight. The exhibition is an epic and joyous journey through three decades of abundant creativity, imbued with a sense of curiosity for every kind of art and culture.

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