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2022 Scuba Diving Sites in Israel - Set

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  • 28.06.2022
  • Joh. Enschede, The Netherlands
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  • H30 / W40
About Scuba Diving Sites in Israel

Israeli divers are fortunate to be able to enjoy two very distinct marine environments – the Mediterranean and the Red Sea – each of which is fascinating and magical in its own way. In many ways, these two underwater worlds are complete opposites: one is quiet and calm, its clear water revealing a vibrant world full of life; the other is unstable and turbulent at times, with opaque water which conceals its riches. Those who scuba dive here know that despite the differences, these environments have at least one thing in common: both are teeming with life in a complex, beautiful, wild underwater world that can only be experienced by those who dare to dive beneath the surface.

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