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2022 My Follow Up Stamp Book - Stamp Booklet

Stamp Booklet
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Technical details
  • 22.08.2022
  • Gravure
  • Stamp Size: 25 x 60 mm, Stamp Book Size: 256 x 54 mm
About My Follow Up Stamp Book

"This booklet of 9 green letter postage stamps with all-in-one tracking option follows on from the 2020 one.

The price of the stamp includes the tracking option.

The stamps are equipped with a Tracked daisy and a Smart Data (SD) whose number will allow the customer to track his shipment.

The notebook will be sold in preview on Friday August 19 and Saturday August 20 at:

▪ PARIS (75)

Le Carré d’Encre, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., 13bis rue des Mathurins, 75009 PARIS. (Cancelled until 5 p.m.).

Find this information and updates on: the reference site for philatelic news.

From August 22, 2022, it will be sold in the "Le Carré d'Encre" shop in all post offices, from postmen, at the Musée de La Poste, 34 Bd de Vaugirard, 75015 Paris, by subscription or by mail. to Philaposte Commercial Customer Service Z.I Avenue Benoît Frachon, BP 10106 Boulazac, 24051 PÉRIGUEUX CEDEX 09, by phone on 05 53 03 19 26 and by email by reservation with your tobacconist and on the website

About Philaposte

Leading printer of franking marks in Europe, Philaposte has acquired, through its know-how and its investment policy, expertise in security printed matter for more than 30 years. Within Le Groupe La Poste, Philaposte also designs, prints and distributes the stamps of the philatelic program of France.

Key figures :

- A printing press in Boulazac (Dordogne) and two points of sale in Paris and Boulazac

- More than 1 billion franking marks, including 500 million stamps from correspondence stamp books or the philatelic program.

- 200 million stamps are produced for many postal players.

- More than 100 million security forms: checks, civil status records, passports, traceability, etc.

- 1 customer service and various sales channels in France and abroad (Carré d'Encre, Subscriptions, Catalog, post offices, postmen, shop, tobacconists, etc.).