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2022 Little Louvre - Set

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  • 12.09.2022
  • Thierry Dubois
  • Heliogravure
About Little Louvre

"On the great royal road from Paris to Lyon, which became national road 7 much later, the village of La Pacaudière (Loire) was well known to travellers. Nobles, royal officers stopped there in this former post house from the 16th century , which provided them with lodging, board and above all fresh mounts... The Petit Louvre also served as a place of welcome for renowned guests: Catherine de Medici, Louis XIII, and it is here that the Duke of Richelieu, Bishop of Luçon, learned that he was named cardinal in September 1622. More anonymous guests have also left traces of their passage, writing dates (1534, 1537, etc.), French surnames and first names (“Jean spent here 1538” on the walls). ) or foreign-sounding, thoughts ("against fortune good heart" or "desire a rest"). They drew in red chalk, graphite or burnt brand, coats of arms, crosses, a castle fort, the crowned Dauphin... These moving classified graffiti speak of their moods, their job, their religion, news at the time, and provide valuable information about the building.

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