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2022Crypto Stamp 4.0 - Grab the Bull by the Horns! - Set

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  • 22.09.2022
About Crypto Stamp 4.0 - Grab the Bull by the Horns!

The new Crypto stamp is released as first Crypto stamp joint issue in two countries – Austria and the Netherlands. New technology is Augmented Reality, new motif the bull.

With Crypto stamp 4.0, the Austrian Post is once again issuing a unique collector's item of value – and for the first time in cooperation with the Netherlands Post. Issued at the same time as the Austrian edition of Crypto stamp 4.0, the Dutch version NL Crypto Stamp is also available. Both versions have the bull as their motif, an important symbol of the financial world synonymous with share price increases. Only the background distinguishes the two editions of Crypto stamp 4.0. It features flowers typical for each country: the edelweiss on the Austrian, the tulip on the Netherlands edition.

In order to transfer the digital crypto stamp on the Blockchain, a transaction must be carried out on the Blockchain, for which transaction fees apply. For more information on the transaction fees, please refer to cryptostamp.com