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202270 Years for Sabion - Collectibles

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  • 20.12.2022
About 70 Years for Sabion

Savyon, a green space amidst urban settlements, provides an atmosphere of serenity and a high quality of living.

The town lies on the ruins of the biblical town Yehud, on the lands of the biblical tribe Dan. Its modern history begins in 1882, when pioneer settlers fled from Petah Tikva due to continuous outbreaks of malaria. These settlers purchased 160 dunams of land from the Arab village of Yehudiya and named their settlement Yehud. They built 14 houses, a well, a synagogue, a bathhouse and a bakery. However, as nearby Petah Tikva developed, Yehud’s residents slowly began leaving. The last settler to leave Yehud in 1893 was the famous Yoel Moshe Solomon. The last stone house in Yehud was preserved and restored and is now called “Beit Harishonim".

In June 1948, during Israel’s War of Independence, the area was conquered by the 8th Division’s battalion - 89.

In 1952, a group of Olim from South Africa populated the area and actually became the founders of Savyon as we know it today. These first residents gave Savyon its unique character.

In 1978, Savyon became a local council and later, as of October 28, 2003, the Israeli government united Savyon with the neighboring village Ganey Yehuda to become one: The Savyon Local Council.

Savyon is characterized by its green, peaceful surroundings and active community life. The educational system strives for excellence and believes in catering for the needs of each child. After-school informal educational activities include the local scouts unit, a youth center for teenagers and a special center for preschoolers and infants. In addition, The Savyon Club for senior citizens offers a wide variety of enrichment classes and numerous activities.

Prominent community institutions in Savyon include: Yad Labanim- a local library which also offers cultural activities; Beit Harishonim (the historical site) - which offers activities for Savyon’s senior citizens; sports venues and fields; the Tiferet Itzhak Synagogue, which serves as a community center for the religious population; Savyon Cultural Center - which offers entertainment (movies theatre etc.) for all ages.

The urbanization of the entire Ono Valley has not changed the unique character of Savyon. Savyon remains and shall continue to be a green space. The Savyon Local Council works to ensure that Savyon’s residents continue to enjoy a high quality of life. The Council strives to provide the optimal balance between life in a quiet green area and close access to shopping centers, health services and cultural activities.

Savyon has become a symbol and source of inspiration for a high quality of life in Israel.