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2023Silver Stamp - Dutch Car Brands, Spyker HP 60 - Collectibles

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  • 22.03.2023
  • Frank Janse
About Silver Stamp - Dutch Car Brands, Spyker HP 60

Four legendary models of historic Dutch car brands have been selected for the new silver stamp series. The Spyker HP 60 kicks things off. In 1903, the Dutch car manufacturer Spyker caused a sensation with the world's first car with four-wheel drive, brakes on all four wheels and a six-cylinder engine. Top speed: 110 kilometers per hour. The Spyker HP 60 was a real sensation at the time.

Graphic designer Frank Janse immortalized the groundbreaking sports car on a beautiful silver stamp, wrapped in a luxurious passe-partout cover.

The DAF 600, the Donkervoort Model 57 and the Max Roadster will appear later this year.