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2023Euromed Postal - Festivals of the Mediterranean - Set

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  • 10.07.2023
About Euromed Postal - Festivals of the Mediterranean

You will not find the word altróke in the dictionary, but only in the Istrian dialect and it means, of course. In 2021, it was used to name an excellent gastronomic festival, namely the Altroke Istra Gourmet Festival, which means, of course, the Istrian festival for gourmets. The fundamental feature of the festival is the organization of several gastronomic meetings in various places, both in the urban and rural environment of the Slovenian part of Istria. According to the gastronomic typology, these are culinary markets that take place once a week from May to August and offer a range of Istrian local and regional dishes as well as non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages to those gathered at the tables. At the stalls, guests are offered fish and shellfish, the famous Fuze pasta with tubers, various egg and herb frittatas or frtalja, Istrian meats, including Istrian prosciutto. You can also find some of the global dishes typical of street food. There is no shortage of fried fritola or mouse and, of course, excellent Istrian wines, spirits and natural refreshments. Altroke Istra Gourmet Festival grew out of the experience of a two-day mass culinary event in Koper, which was oriented towards desserts and was called Sweet Istra.

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