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2023Postal Bus ET 13 - Set

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  • 25.08.2023
About Postal Bus ET 13

The Postal Bus ET 13 as a motif of the series "Historic postal vehicles" marks the transition to a new, motorised type of mobility in Austrian Post passenger transport.

In 1907, the first postal bus line began operating between Neumarkt and Predazzo in South Tyrol. Soon, however, numerous different types of buses were in use, so in 1913 the postal administration introduced a standardised postal bus model called ET 13 ("Einheitstype 1913") in order to reduce maintenance costs. Standardised parts from various Austrian manufacturers were assembled for this purpose in a dedicated garage. The 40-horsepower engine, for example, came from Austro-Daimler, the clutch and gearbox from Austro-Fiat. Until 1918, a total of 100 units of the ET 13, designed for 16 passengers, were produced. After the end of the war, many of the vehicles that had been in military service were once again used for the postal service.