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Tastes of Air and Fire - Collectibles

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Technical details
  • 29.05.2013
  • AF Atelier, Design de Comunicação, Lda.
  • Offset
  • 4 Colours
  • 24.5 x 24.5 cm
About Tastes of Air and Fire

There is in Portugal – from the Minho o the Azores – a huge variety of home-made hams and sausages, cured or smoked (alheiras, salpicões, blood sausages and chorizos), or simply air dried (paios and native Alentejan-pig presuntos). This editorial project of CTT Correios de Portugal, Tastes of Air and Fire, includes two philatelic issues (2012 and 2013). It is written by Fátima Moura – writer and blogger expert in gastronomy – and co-or-dinated by José Quitério, renowned critic of Portuguese gastronomy, the most knowledgeable and respected master of his craft in our country. It is amply illustrated with photographs from Mário Cerdeira taken especially to this book that wishes to contribute to the systematization of more-detailed, integrated knowledge of traditional Portuguese sausages and presuntos, their history and characterization. Starting where possible with their genesis and sociological background, the book then details the specific rules of their production, which ensure their quality and specific nature and allow the grant of the “Denomination of Origin” that nowadays enshrines them as Quality Artisanal Products. Limited to 4500 copies, the book Tastes of Air and Fire is translated to English and released on the inauguration of the VII World Congress of Ham, May 29, 2013, in the town of Ourique. Includes 16 stamps and 2 souvenir-sheets with a face value of € 13,43 form the issues 2012 and 2013.