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2023Christmas - Snow Globe - Set

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Technical details
  • 01.12.2023
  • Roland Vorlaufer
  • Joh. Enschedé Stamps B.V
  • Offset printing
  • 39.00 x 32.00 mm
  • EUR 0.95
About Christmas - Snow Globe

Snow globes possess a truly unique charm: when shaken, they "snow", with white flakes swirling around inside like real snow.

Once the globe is set down, the flakes settle like a blanket of snow over the scene, revealing an idyllic winter landscape, a snow-covered house, a Santa Claus, or any number of other objects. Snow globes are an Austrian invention: Erwin Perzy, a Viennese inventor and surgical instrument mechanic, experimented with water-filled globes designed to amplify light in the late 19th century. He added various particles to the water. An experiment with semolina reminded him of snowfall, so he placed a model of the Mariazell Basilica into a globe filled with water and semolina, creating the first snow globe. The Original Viennese Snow Globe Manufactory is still operated by the Perzy family today.