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Catholic Missions in Africa - Set

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Technical details
  • 19.08.2013
  • Atelier Design&etc / Helder Soares
  • Cartor
  • Offset
  • 4 Colours
  • 40 x 30,6 mm
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About Catholic Missions in Africa

I warmly welcome the initiative of a philatelic collection on the Catholic Missions in Africa, which is now presented. Firstly because, whether the stamps travel near or far, they will always convey ideas, facts or figures. With the message that is sent, a greater cultural message also follows, which we so need, especially when references are rare or disperse, sometimes with little meaning.

In this sense, dedicating a serie of stamps to the Catholic Missions in Africa is quite timely and consistent. Also, as the African continent has been the scene of a grand saga of shared Gospel, it very much deserves to be remembered and passed on. Because it is evangelical, it is entirely human, nevertheless focusing on all the dimensions that life requires. When we speak of Catholic Missions we necessarily refer to the transmission of the Gospel and its celebration in communities that get together for that purpose.

But the cult always redounds in culture, for it needs to be translated into local languages, uses of the land and sensitivity of the people. It also means full attention to whole persons, body and soul, requiring health, education and different qualifications. Therefore, the word “Mission” in Africa immediately conjures up a number of initiatives that reach and promote all men and the whole of the man.

Sometimes they were, and still are, the strongest links of what’s left of social life itself or what is starting to become it. This whole collection “talks” about this. And, being an evocative tribute to the missionaries of yesterday and today, it is also a beautiful landmark of living culture. Congratulations!