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World Environment Day

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About World Environment Day

World Environment Day is celebrated every year on June 5th when United Nations raise awareness of the importance of protecting the environment, with a special emphasize on calling out to politicians in taking serious actions for the future of us all to be better. Man changes his natural environment and causes disruption of his ecosystem and climate changes at a local and global level. With the industrial development, the first changes in our environment take place that were caused by humans. In the beginning there is an epidemic of infectious diseases because of biological and biochemical contaminations. Therefore, with the industrial development and carbon usage in energy production results in an increase of carbon, sulphuric and nitrogen oxide releases. Pollution also comes from usage of petroleum and petroleum products, and with the growth of chemistry and chemical substances in industries, a great negative affect on the environment takes place. An ecological awareness gradually forms by the second half of the 20th century after which a certain number of people that got ill in industrial centers had increased. The most recent researches show that even today there are many people that behave improperly towards nature and everything that surrounds them. World Environment Day is the perfect moment to stop and take a look around ourselves and start contemplating about what each and every one of us can do in protecting our environment and community in which we live in.