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Denominación de Origen - Región de Murcia

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About Denominación de Origen - Región de Murcia

One more year, Correos continues with the Gastronomy series and issues a block leaf dedicated to the Denomination of Protected Origin of the Region of Murcia, where the rice of Calasparra and the wine of Jumilla, are the protagonists.

When a product acquires the "Denomination of Origin", it means that it is the result of production located in a specific area, which has unique characteristics and that generate limited units.

Once this distinction has been obtained, producers have to commit themselves to maintaining the quality of the product and to complying with the production protocols.

To control all this, there are regulatory bodies that are responsible for meeting all the requirements and authorize these products to display the labels that indicate that denomination.

The rice of Calasparra. More or less between 300 and 350 meters above sea level, with exceptional climatic conditions, grows the grain that will give rise to the famous rice of Calasparra. The purity of the water with which it is irrigated, which comes directly from reservoirs, gives this rice unique properties. Also, its natural drying with higher temperatures and the low humidity during those periods, makes a very special rice since that level of dehydration facilitates the absorption of the broth and consequently, a more tasty dishes.

The wine of Jumilla. To the north of the region of Murcia and to the southeast of the province of Albacete, on a plateau surrounded by mountains, there are vines of brown soils, limestone and limestone, with a rugged terrain, which surprisingly produces a grape called "Monastrell", base with which are made the wines that today star in this label. The Regulatory Council of the Protected Designation of Origin Wines of Jumilla, awards each year the wines assessing its quality.

The block sheet collects an image of a vine with its grapes and grains of rice. The stamps, collect the image of some wooden spoons with rice and a glass of wine in the foreground with a vineyard in the background.