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150 Years of Tübli Letters

Miniature Sheet CTO
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First Day Cover
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About 150 Years of Tübli Letters

A collector’s piece

“Tübli letters” was the name given by collectors to the rst covers of the
federal postal system pre-franked with a printed stamp. They came out in 1867, after the Geneva Post Of ce had begun issuing pre-franked products.

The of cial issue date of the “Tübli letters” was 1 July 1867. Prior to that, though, cov- ers were sold to customers and also can- celled at a number of post of ces.

The miniature sheet shows the “Zweisim- men rst day cover” in the background, one of the few remaining pieces from the of cial rst day. It displays all four values of the rst issue in a fan arrangement. The stamp itself focuses on the 10-centime value of the Zweisimmen letter cancelled on the issue date. A detail of the address written with a quill sends the observer on a journey back in time to the 19th century. The optical quality of the yellowed paper was deliberately chosen as a stylistic me- dium. The nostalgic aura is subtly en- hanced with modern typography. The gold font lends the special stamp the unique characteristic worthy of a 150th anniversary.