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Invention and Innovation – Dr John C Taylor OBE

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Full sheets
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About Invention and Innovation – Dr John C Taylor OBE

This Isle of Man Post Office collection celebrates the ingenuity and innovation of one of Britain’s greatest inventors. Isle of Man resident Dr John C Taylor OBE has lived a fascinating life, as an entrepreneur, adventurer, horologist, author, architect, benefactor and much more, and each these six stamps highlights a remarkable achievement.

This Isle of Man Post Office celebration of the life and career of innovator Dr John C Taylor OBE highlights some of his many great achievements.

The Isle of Man resident is a celebrated horologist and his extensive clock collection, and the incredible Chronophage clocks he has designed, are prominent among the designs. Of equal importance are two inventions which have been central to his life; the Otter G switch, a temperature-sensitive thermostat used in everything from motorcars to hairdryers, and the bimetal kettle switch used in millions of households every day.

His Isle of Man home Arragon Mooar is bursting with unique design features created by Dr Taylor, and it is showcased among these stamps. The distinctive floor design found inside the house forms an integral element of every stamp.

Finally, Dr Taylor’s philanthropy is recognised through a celebration of the Taylor Library at Cambridge University’s Corpus Christi and the Professorship of Innovation established at Cambridge’s Engineering Department.

This is only part of his philanthropic work, which has been shared across many walks of life. Of particular importance to Dr Taylor is the Teapot Trust, and all funds received by Dr Taylor from sales of these stamps will be donated to that charity.

It was established in 2010 to build resilience in children with chronic illness by encouraging them to express emotions, mentally overcome the challenges linked to their condition and develop healthy coping mechanisms. Participating in art therapy can contribute to positive mental health, provide peer interaction and a sense of community within the hospital environment.

The Trust was founded by Dr Laura N Young MBE and her husband Dr John Young after identifying gaps in the care of their daughter Verity. Verity spent a lot of time in hospital during her eight years of life receiving treatment for Lupus and then cancer.

Each stamp includes an element of varnish finish and a metallic ink, as well as an elliptical device, shown on the stamps and in the perforations, to echo the shape of Dr Taylor’s famous bimetal kettle switch.

The stamps are available as sheets, in a collectable Presentation Pack, on an official First Day cover and also as part of an essential Prestige Booklet telling more of Dr Taylor’s story.