Shark Tooth Coins – Great White Shark - Silver Coin

Silver Coin
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Technical details
  • 31.03.2014
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  • Silver
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  • 38.61mm
  • NZD 5.00
About Shark Tooth Coins – Great White Shark

Treasures of Oz is delighted to announce the introduction of a new series of Shark Tooth coins from Tokelau, with the release of the first in the series featuring the Great White Shark. Tokelau formally designated its entire exclusive economic zone of 319,031 square kilometres as a Shark Sanctuary in 2011, protecting more than 30 species of sharks. It is therefore fitting that they have begun this series of shark coins in addition to the Tokelau Fish series. The Great White Shark can grow to over 6m long and they generally weigh up to 2250kg. They can swim at great speeds, up to 40km/hr. Their size and predatory nature have made them the most notorious of the Shark species. They live in the surface coastal waters of the world’s oceans where they have no natural predators apart from Orca. They have three rows of sharp serrated teeth that can number in the thousands. Each coin contains the tip of a fossilized shark tooth in a specially designed capsule. The teeth are said to have originated from 40 – 55 million years ago and were found in Morocco.

Specifications of The Coin:
Diameter: 38.61mm
Material: Silver
Finish: Proof-like
Face Value: NZD 5.00
Standard Weight 31.1g
Fineness: 999
Year Dated: 2014
Maximum Mintage: 1,000