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Frequently asked questions

About WOPA+

What is WOPA+?

WOPA+ stands for World Online Philatelic Agency and is a division of the Gibraltar Philatelic Bureau Ltd., a company incorporated in Gibraltar in 1994.

For more information see our About page.


Buying basics

How does WOPA+ work?

WOPA+ works as an intermediary between you, the customer, and postal administrations and sellers around the globe. Our aim is to provide a good shopping experience for collectors and enthusiasts alike by housing everything they are looking for under one roof.

How are products classified in WOPA+?

Products on WOPA+ are classified by Postal Administration and year. You will also be able to find them classified by themes in the thematics section.

Paying for items

Which payment methods are available?

You can pay for items on WOPA+ by PayPal or credit or debit cards. All major cards are accepted, however before placing an order please check our homepage's footer for a listing of the payment methods we accept.

Although not the preferred method, payments can be made via direct bank transfer. For details on this please use the contact information at the bottom of this page.

Why aren't shipping fees grouped?

The shipping fees (and separate VAT fees) are set by each Postal Administration. As explained in the BUYING BASICS section, orders are shipped by the different Postal Administrations which means that each Administration set their own postage fees. Before completing any orders please be sure to check our full list of shipping prices. You will also be able to see a full run-down of your order, including shipping fees, before checkout.

In what currency does WOPA+ operate?

WOPA+ is based in the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar and therefore operates in Pound Sterling (GBP). The currency exchanges are based on official international exchange rates and may fluctuate on a daily basis. Please note that exchange rates are set for indicative purposes and your credit company may charge more or less depending on their own forex fees and your official currency set on your credit card. However, the difference is normally a minimum, Payments in multiple currencies can also be made via Pay Pal or Bank Transfer.

I am having problems paying for my order

If your payment is proving unsuccesful it could be a case of the following:

  • Your account is experiencing insufficient funds
  • Your card details are incorrect
  • Your bank has placed a temporary hold on your account for security reasons and WOPA+ is unable to withdraw funds

If you are absolutely certain you are not experiencing any of the issues above please proceed to getting in contact using the information below.

After your purchase

How is my order shipped?

Orders are shipped to customers from each Postal Administration (and not by WOPA+ itself) within five business days of receipt from WOPA+. See below for total shipping time.

Unless specified in the special requests option your order will be shipped via regular mail.

How long should I wait for my order to arrive?

Orders should arrive within four weeks of processing. However, from experience we have learnt that orders to countries outside of Europe can take up to five or six weeks.

Can I make special requests on the posting of my order?

Yes, you will be able to find a section at the checkout stage for special requests on your order.

Things such as having the shipment sent via registered mail or any other special requests for the outside of the packaging or delivery can be filled in at the checkout stage.

I am having a problem with a promotional voucher

If you are experiencing problems with the promotional vouchers found on our newsletters please feel free to contact us using the information found at the bottom of this FAQ.

Buying problems

The recommended time has passed and my order hasn't arrived

If the recommended waiting period outlined in the AFTER YOUR PURCHASE section has elapsed and your order still has not arrived please direct your query to a member of the WOPA+ team using the contact information below.

The item I received wasn't in a satisfactory condition

If you have received an item ordered through WOPA+ and it wasn't to a satisfactory standard please use the contact information at the bottom of the page to get in touch with a member of the WOPA+ team.

The item I received isn't what I ordered or my order is incomplete

If there has been an error in your order, you have received an item you did not order, have mistakenly received the wrong items or your order is incomplete please direct your query to a member of the WOPA+ team using the contact information below.

My Account

Getting started

How do I set up a WOPA+ account?

WOPA+ accounts are set up on purchase of your first order.

How do I set up a standing order with WOPA+?

To set up a Standing Order with WOPA+ please find the standing order option on our homepage www.WOPA-plus.com.

How do I sign up to WOPA+'s email newsletter?

If you wish to sign up for WOPA+'s periodical email newsletter to receive news on new issues and product on WOPA+ please follow the link on our homepage.

Resolving account problems

I am having trouble logging in to my account

If you are experiencing problems with logging into your account and have already tried the "forgotten password" option to no success, please use the information below to get in contact with somebody from the WOPA+ team.

I want to unsubscribe from WOPA+'s email newsletter

To unsubscribe from the WOPA+ email newsletter please use the information below to get in contact with a member of the WOPA+ team.

My account

Updating personal and billing information

To update your personal and billing information please log in to your WOPA+ account.

Closing your WOPA+ account

To close your WOPA+ account please get in contact with a member of the WOPA+ team using the information below.

WOPA+ Points

How do I spend WOPA+ points?

WOPA+ Points will be visible on the checkout pages and can be selected as a payment option. It will be possible to pay for all, or part of any purchase using WOPA+ Points. WOPA+ Points become active immediately after we receive payment for the item that you have ordered.

What is a WOPA+ point worth?

WOPA+ Points have no cash value and may not be redeemed for cash. WOPA+ Points can be used however to purchase items on the WOPA+ site. Every WOPA+ point is equal to 1p.

How do I spend WOPA+ points?

WOPA+ Points will be visible on the checkout pages and can be selected as a payment option. You can also use WOPA+ Points to pay for all or a part of anything you wish.

Will my WOPA+ points expire?

WOPA+ Points do not expire.

Where can I spend my WOPA+ points?

WOPA+ Points can be spent on all products within the website.

How do I earn WOPA+ points?

Every time you shop on our website, you will earn WOPA+ Points on your purchases. You will earn one WOPA+ Points for every £1 spent.

My order was cancelled, what happens to my WOPA+ points?

If your order is cancelled, WOPA+ Points cannot be earned on that order. If you used WOPA+ Points as a full or part payment then these points will be credited back to your account.

My WOPA+ points are not showing up on my WOPA+ points's statement?

All WOPA+ Points earned will appear on your statement and My Account section. WOPA+ Points will not appear if you have returned an item and received a refund. Pre orders will also earn WOPA+ Points

Can't find an answer?

If you cannot find an answer to your question above please feel free to get in contact with a member of the WOPA+ team directly at the following:

Email: info@wopa-plus.com

Telephone: (+350) 200 63436

Address: WOPA+ Stamps & Coins
9/3 Cooperage Lane
GX11 1AA

Please Note: Queries via e-mail and telephone will be dealt with between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays)