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Loyalty Points

What are WOPA+ Points ?

WOPA+ Points is our new loyalty program where you shop, earn, save and spend. You earn WOPA+ points with everything you buy across our website. These WOPA+ Points can then be used to pay for your next purchases. Start earning your WOPA+ Points today!

  • SHOP on
  • EARN WOPA+ Points on any of the 25,000+ products available on the website
  • For every £1 spent on the site (excluding shipping fees) you will receive 1 WOPA+ point

What is a WOPA+ Point worth?

You will earn one WOPA+ Point for every £1 spent. One WOPA+ Point is then worth 1p to spend on products across the website. So for every 100 WOPA+ Points you will have a credit of £1.00 to spend on the website

Earn more WOPA+ Points

You'll always earn WOPA+ Points when you shop on our website BUT there will be opportunities to earn even more. Look out for our WOPA+ Points multiplier promotions to take advantage of great offers.

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